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Seek Allah’s Protection from Satan’s Whispers

قَالَ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ:
يَأْتِي الشَّيْطَانُ أَحَدَكُمْ فَيَقُولُ مَنْ خَلَقَ كَذَا مَنْ خَلَقَ كَذَا حَتَّى يَقُولَ مَنْ خَلَقَ رَبَّكَ فَإِذَا بَلَغَهُ فَلْيَسْتَعِذْ بِاللَّهِ وَلْيَنْتَهِ (صحيح البخاري

Rasulullah S.A.W declared:
Satan could suddenly come up to all of you and whisper: who creates this?, who creates that?, until Satan says: who creates Your God?. If it comes to that point, seek protection (Ta’awwudz) towards Allah, and stop that kind of thought.” (Shahih Bukhari)

ImageAssalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

All Praise be to Allah S.W.T The Greatest Who Builds the kingdom of the entire world and makes each day as passageways of life which are continuously passed by His servants, especially the offspring of Adam whom although not moving, their ages will keep on moving. In which they can never return to the previous seconds or minutes. They always go towards the end of life, this is the objective of all kind of birth, towards one goal, that is the end of his life. Death is the end of all kind of objective of birth. All that was born is just like being dropped into a river which flows towards one objective, which is sakaratul maut (the agony of death). This is how the life of those who live in this world belongs to Allah Almighty,…, Allah..

And ladies and gentlemen, when we pass the river (the life’s path) which flows towards this death, even if we are 100 years old, it means there are only 36.500 days, and after that we will arrive at the end of the flowing river, towards the agony of death. Separating our soul from body, separate and split us up from whatever we see and hear. We are being separated from our body, being stopped the voice and spoken words, being stopped eyes from seeing, the hearing from listening. And at that time, even soul is separated from body, waiting for the time with Rabbul Alamin Jalla Wa Alla S.W.T

Ladies and gentlemen, in passing through the ocean of life which continuously flows, our life will never stop from aging, never will return and go back to the past, it keeps on moving. How many tasbih, dzikir, sujud (bowed down in prayer), taubat (repentance), prayers, sins, curses, untruth, and sinful acts that keep on flowing, which we could never go back to repeat it. But The Majesty of the earth and sky, The Most Gracious opens up the gate towards amnesty and it is the most spacious gate that goes beyond all kind of gates. The Gate of God’s Amnesty calls up all the sinners to relieve them from sins and make them closer towards the presence of Allah. Lucky to those who pass through the blessing of God. .

ImageIs there anything safer? Those who pass through the ocean will never know what will they face ahead? Would it be a canyon, big waves, storms, or wild beasts, from the sky of from the bottom of the sea, or poisonous food and other things? They will only have to pass through following the stream without knowing where to go or what will happen tomorrow? What must they do? Indeed is there anything more secure other than the people who are being loved by The Owner of The Ocean? Is there anything safer than people who are loved by Allah who owns that watercourse? The One Who decides to go right, left, towards disaster, or Blessing, easiness, righteousness, the ones most loved by Allah, the ones close to Allah will definitely be the safest because they are close to The Owner of the Watercourse. The Owner will never let His servants go towards the canyon of accidents; The Owner will save them because they are loved.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Supreme Being has declared in hadits qudsiy “man ahabba liqa’i ahbabtu liqa’ah” whoever longs for meeting up with Me, I long for meeting with him. I will never call “O’ Allah” unless Allah answers “ya abdiy inniy ana Allah ” O’ My servant, this is Me, Allah. What is this meaning? All calls and prayers, when they call for The Name of Allah, it will be answered, which is different than calling for any other names. If they call any other name, they might get reprimanded because of their sins or their mistakes or their betrayal or their crime, or they will not be heard because the one they call is busy, or the callers are ignored because the person they call is busy with something else. But it is totally different than the callers of Allah, the most magnificent from all to be called is Allah Allahu Allahu Allah Alllahu Allah.

Pass through this course of life with The Light of Allah. Who is The Light of Allah? Sirajan Muniraa, Sayyidina Muhammad S.A.W.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Prophet S.A.W taught us with this hadits. Satan may come and try to deceit us, as if it was started as a good whisper but will end badly. Satan said “man khalaqa kadza?” who made all this? Our answer is “Allah”. Who made the sun rise, the earth rotates? Our answer is “Allah Allah Allah”. Satan kept on asking “man khalaqa kadza?” who created this? “man khalaqa kadza?” who created that? Who created mankind from the sperm to become a perfect humankind? Our answer is “Allah Allah”

ImageThen Satan Lalu would trap us with the question “man khalaqa Rabb? Who created Allah? Satan mixes up the logic and faith, when faith is collided with logic, this proves how devil the Satan is, as warned by Sayyidina Muhammad S.A.W. Rasul S.A.W had found out this is the trick of Satan. Hence Rasul S.A.W said “if there is such question in your heart “who created your God?”, “falyasta’idz billah walyantahi” hence quickly ask for Allah’s protection and stop from such devil thought. Because your thought has been manipulated by Satan. If we think, “Why are we told to stop thinking?” if people ask about my God? “of course you can” but if it comes to the question who created my God? Stop right there.

Why couldn’t we use our logic? The answer is as follows: if there is someone who are there and knows which and what and more experienced, don’t ever we doubt him if we really bealieve in him. For example, we have a friend here from Sidney Australia Syekh Muhammad Abdullah. Then we travel to Sidney, there are 10 kinds of food and we don’t know which one is allowed to eat and which one is forbidden. Then he said, those with the green plate is OK, the red plate is allowed, the yellow plate is allowed, but don’t eat the one on the black plate, it is poisonous. With our logic, will we still eat it or not? We will not eat it because we trust the person. The one who still want to try is stupid and he will be drawn into the danger of the poison. .

The same thing goes to those who trust Sayyidina Muhammad S.A.W. Rasul declared “if your thought start asking what about this creation? What about that creation? Carry on, you may study further until eventually the Satan asked “who created your God?” stop it, said Rasul. “falyasta’idz billah walyantahi”. Ask for Allah’s protection, “O’ Allah kindly protect me from the devil of Satan’s trickery, logical tricks that will drag me away from tauhid”. Stay away from those thoughts, just like when our friend told us it was a poison, don’t try it because we trust our friend. And the most trustworthy person is Sayyidina Muhammad S.A.W.

There are myriads of proofs that the sunnah from Him S.A.W is the most modern knowledge from all kind of knowledge. I have delivered this many times towards all of you, being glorified by Allah. .

ImageLadies and gentlemen, when the sinners try to find the way to return to the amnesty of God, they are stuck again with the Satan’s whispers, “the fire of hell is eager to wait for you, and people like you deserve to be in hell, don’t ever think that you could even smell the fragrance of heaven”. This is the whisper of Satan, stay away from it because we are the sinners. It will be different if we are faithful people, whose days and nights never perform sins. We may think “maybe my good deeds are not accepted by Allah?” because we have performed many good deeds. But if we don’t have any good deeds and we think like that, hence we destroy ourselves, because we never perform any good deeds, and keep on drowning ourselves into sins. So there are some hadits nabawiy and verses from Alqur’an made only for those who perform countless of good deeds. There is certain guidance from Illahiyah for them, as they have performed countless good deeds and if they are guided towards things that make them concerned about torments of Allah, they will be arrogant, while those who will never smell the fragrance of heaven are those who have a little dust of arrogant attitude in their heart. Who has arrogant attitude in front of Allah? Those who feel that they perform many good deeds..

Ladies and gentlemen, for those who don’t perform any good deeds, days and nights they only commit sins, what will they brag in front of Allah Jalla Wa Alla? Ladies and gentlemen, Allah wants to avoid such thing from happen, hence revealed tandzir (warnings). There are many verses revealed, on tortures of Allah, anger of Allah, torments of Allah, anger of Allah. Why? Because they have been piety towards Allah S.W.T, and shouldn’t be tempted with Satan’s influence. We perform sins days and nights, and we keep on learning the above things, which would make us converted from Islam because of Satan’s whispers. wal iyya dzubillah. Instead of choosing this religion, better I chose other religion. No matter how hard I perform religious duties, still I might never make it to heaven, no matter how hard we perform good deeds, if we are predestined to be in hell, we would still be in hell. Eventually, perform good deeds or not, repent or not, we perform more sins, get even farther from Islam, and this is the thing that is most hated and most concerned by Sayyidina Muhammad S.A.W .

Hence there are some groups of Moslems nowadays which easily point the finger at people who perform something as polytheism (syirik), glorifying Moslem clerics is polytheism, glorifying faithful people is polytheism, visiting graves is polytheism, hence Moslem people are confused as what to do? Has been answered by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, as written in Shahih Bukhari “wallahi inniy laa akhaafu an tusyrikuu ba’di …” In the Name of Allah, I am not afraid that polytheism will attack you all Moslem people, indeed wealth will make you fight with each other. The meaning is, although there are many Moslem converted from Islam but this didn’t bother The Prophet S.A.W, but the one worrying him S.A.W is the wealth that makes all of you fight with each other to get it. As we could see from non Moslem countries nowadays, the richest countries in the world, they don’t mind paying thousands of non Moslem people in America to fight against their own Moslem brothers. For what? for the sake of money and wealth. This is the thing that worried Sayyidina Muhammad S.A.W. .

Ladies and gentlemen being glorified by Allah,
Therefore keep on flowing within the beauty of God. Rasul S.A.W declared on the magnificence of faithful and religious people. If you are together with faithful and religious people, multiply your prayers. Rasul S.A.W declared as quoted by Imam Bukhari in his book, Adabul Mufrad “alaa unabbi’ukum bi khiyarikum?” Do you want me inform you the best mankind amongst all of you? Who are they, O’ Rasulullah? Rasul said, “idza ru-uu dzukirallah” if you see his face, makes you remember Allah and long for Him. For all of you who want to perform good deeds, the one with such face is the best person from all my followers, said Rasul S.A.W

ImageAs mentioned by atsar (statements from comrades of Rasul S.A.W) and the tabi’in people, that the comrades’ face are exactly as described above. Those who see the comrades of Rasul S.A.W could easily recognize them. Why? There is a soft and calm light on their face; there is devotion light on their face. Therefore many put the pictures of religious people on the wall. Soon our Noble Guru will come, our Noble Guru Mulia Al Hafidz Al Musnid Al Habib Umar bin Hafidz, he is one of the shalihin people to whom I myself and thousands of people who see him days and nights, he is filled with sunnah of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Until if we want to find sunnah which is not found in the holy books, and we find it in the act of him (Al Hafidz Al Musnid Al Habib Umar bin Hafidz), hence it must be written in the book, we will find it in the book. Ladies and gentlemen, his deeds are so magnificent, his days and nights, if we see all his actions, there must be in the sunnah of Rasul S.A.W. .

I have been there, because in the past I also had doubt. I wanted to have a guru, not just a guru, or haphazardly followed some guru, no. I wanted to have a guru who faithfully follows the sunnah of Rasul S.A.W. Someone who truthfully stands on sunnah, hence when I often met with him, I fell in love with him. Because indeed his days and nights are nothing but the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. The first time I saw that “he sits when he drinks; he doesn’t want to drink while standing up”. Then after that I saw that “he walks fast”. I haven’t seen anyone who walks fast like this, from what I knew is that the shalihin people walk not so fast and the Moslem clerics that I know also walk leisurely. I haven’t seen anyone walk this fast. But indeed it is written in one book that when Rasulullah walked, he walked so fast as if the earth was rolled up because of the speed of his walk. The gestures of him (Al Hafidz Al Musnid Al Habib Umar bin Hafidz) are the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Whatever that we haven’t found, once we see his gestures, then we find in the guidance book, we will find it as sunnah of Rasul S.A.W. .

Ladies and gentlemen being glorified by Allah,
It is so magnificent. As written in Shahih Bukhari, Rasul S.A.W mentioned that “the angel will not enter a house with pictures and dogs”. I will not elaborate it comprehensively as we don’t have much time. Clarifying from this hadits and many more questions that I received but I didn’t have the time to answer at that time, now I will answer it. But only 3 questions I must answer tonight, as the time is very limited. Three things I must answer are as follows: .

The first is this one, which is enough to discuss. That Moslem clerics and muhadditsin (experts of hadits) take the lightest opinion of prohibition on painting of pictures are the paintings of people or living creatures that are painted perfectly from top to toe. If they are sketches only, they are not forbidden (not haram). There is even a lightest opinion, that if the pictures are the worshipped pictures, they are forbidden, but if they are not worshipped, the Islamic law considered it as makruh (being hated and should be avoided). We take this opinion, strong enough but being supported by Al Imam Ibn Hajar Al Asqalani in Fathul Baari bisyarah Shahih Bukhari “pictures that are not worhipped is considered makruh” not haram (forbidden) but makruh (being hated). And it is mentioned that angels will not enter a house with pictures and dogs. Let’s talk about pictures first, the problem with picture is the perfect picture, animals or mankind which is drawn perfectly from top to toe. Half body only is not forbidden. Photos are different from pictures, as photos are not drawings. What it meant is the hand painting, hand made with colors made by person, this is called a painting, mentioned in syari’atul mutaharrah, as explained by some of our Moslem clerics. Because in the era of Rasul S.A.W there was neither photo nor camera, hence camera is considered as ikhtilaf (different opinion amongst clerics). Hence we should know that camera is not considered as painting because it is only capture and record the picture and shadows. Shadows are recorded, not made by hand complete with the color of skin, eyes, and color of lips, which is forbidden, and the angel will not enter the house. p>

ImageBut Al Imam Ibn Hajar Al Asqalani mentioned that the angel not entering is considered as makruh. The meaning of the angel here is the angel of divine revelation (wahyu) which is Jibril a.s. Because Imam Ibn Hajar said “the proof is that angel Izrail still enter”. If angels cannot enter a house with pictures in it, then people cannot be dead, and in fact angel Izrail still can enter, the proof that angels still come inside unless the angel of divine revelation, angel Jibril a.s. Therefore it is considered makruh although some clerics consider it forbidden. We follow the ones who consider it makruh. Indeed better if pictures and paintings (not photos) are removed from our house and even if we have, the rule is makruh while some others consider it haram. It goes the same case with the dog. Insya Allah I will discuss it further next Monday night. .

And I will also answer this question, why was during Majelis Rasulullah S.A.W on last Monday night, with a plan of reciting dzikir 1000X, there were many political parties came?. I didn’t invite them, and if they want to come, who want to forbid them? They came with good will as they are the guests of Rasul S.A.W, though I didn’t invite them, they came. Alhamdulilah Jazakumullah Khairal Jaza, we pray for all the guests who come to us. If they would become government officials or authorities, hopefully they would be chosen, as the authorities are the ones who know about our majelis. That is my humble opinion. Free from any kind of political issues and will not have a tendency to any parties or politics. Still what we will fight for is the resurrection of sunnah Sayyidina Muhammad S.A.W and hopefully sooner Jakarta becomes the earth and the city of Muhammad Rasulullah S.A.W, the city with the most people reciting dzikir, the city with the most people recite shalawat, amin allahumma amin.

Ya Rahman Ya Rahim this is the silent prayer, this is hope, this is request, O’ The Most Hearer, O’ The Most Seer of each and every soul, O’ The Most Seer each of our breath, O’ The Most Seer in a situation whether we will reach the agony of death, O’ The Most Omniscient on how our soul will be taken, You are O’ Rabb, You, O’ Rabb The Most Omniscient on where our body will be buried, who will bury us, in what condition will our body be taken down to earth, the cursed body filled with sins or the forgiven body being longed for, hence we you’re your Name.

ImageFaquuluuu jamii’an (recite this together) Ya Allah, Ya Allah..Ya Allah..Ya Allah.. Purify and holy our soul, Ya Allah, our days Ya Allah, O’ The Name entitled to be called, O’ The Most Luminescent, O’ The One Who is longing for all who long for Him, Ya Allah Ya Allah Ya Allah,. O’ The One Who Allow our lips tremble when calling Your Name, Ya Allah Ya Allah Ya Allah,.We recognize Your Command “I am with My servants if My servants remember Me and tremble his lips when calling My Name” (Shahih Bukhari). Rabbiy You allow our lips tremble calling Your Name, hence light up our soul with Your Name, Ya Allah Ya Allah Ya Allah.

Faquuluuu jamii'an (recite this together) Laillahailallah Laillahailallah Laillahailallah Muhammadurrasulullah.

Ya Rahman Ya Rahim kindly wipe out all our sins, ensure all the audience tonight see the beauty of Your Most Magnificent Essence.

Ya Rahman Ya Rahim, ladies and gentlemen, let us pray together ask for Allah’s help towards Moslem people as commanded by our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W as written in Shahih Muslim “whoever pray for his Moslem brothers, hence the angels will say Amin and for you also the prayer you ask for your Moslem brothers.” Rabbiy we pray for Moslem people and may You give all the blessings towards Moslem people including all of our aims, all of aims of our guests, all that we have inside our souls, kindly answer with Ijabah, the answer for prayers. Prayer is forgiveness and kindly add more than what we ask You for. Ya Dzaljalali wal ikram, Ya Dzaththauli wal in’am. Also we ask for good leaders, the leader who will defend peace, leader who defends Islam, defend dignity, eradicate tyrannical, look after weak people. Ya Rahman Ya Rahim, bring peace amongst religions, bring peace towards this nation of the biggest Moslem country in the world. Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim, Ya Dzaljalali wal ikram. Ladies and gentlemen, the last one I want to convey is that our majelis will continue although our Noble Guru is not always in Jakarta. His schedule here is only on 26th April 2009, other than that day, he will be outside Jakarta. He comes to Jakarta for transit only, therefore our programs will still based on the regular schedules. .

ImageAnd for our Moslem brothers and sisters who will go through examination, may they all pass the examination with flying colors. Those who are in Senior High School, Junior High School and those who already sent us sms, letters and e-mails, may they will be given a success. May those who do business and trade will be given easiness in trading, those who work be given easiness in their jobs, those who look for a job be given a good job, and those living as family will be given peace in their household, those who are in problem be given easiness in solving their problems. Ya Rahman Ya Rahim, kindly take out the disease from the sick people, I have received many letters and sms asking for prayers for those who are sick, may be given health by Allah S.W.T, be given recuperation and wal afiah. And those who pass away, may be accepted their souls in the world between death and resurrection (barzah). Wa illa hadrotin Nabiy S.A.W Alfatihah..

Washollallahu ala Sayyidina Muhammad Nabiyyil Ummiy wa Shohbihi wa Sallam. Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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